Florida Shore Diving

With over 1,500 miles of coastal shoreline and hundreds springs in addition to innumerable lakes, ponds and rivers, Florida has incredible resources for shore diving yet, until now, there has been no good Web site dedicated Florida Shore Diving. This site will offer divers interested in Florida the chance to share their best sites with others. There will finally be a single place on the Web where divers can go to find that perfect shore diving location.

Looking for Input

At this point, I am looking for design advice. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of shore diving sites in Florida. They range from springs to reefs & wrecks and lakes & rivers to aquariums. They need to be located and information needs to be gathered about each one. Then they need to be listed in a way that makes it easy to find and compare information about potential sites.

Locating Potential Sites

The best way to locate potential sites is by allowing users to contribute their favorite dive locations to the Web site. In the beginning, this will probably be done through an input form followed by a review and evaluation process by the Web team.

However, there are probably better ways of handling this process and I'm looking for suggestions.

Finding Your Site

With the potential for hundreds of shore diving sites, there will be the need to provide some way of searching for potential dive locations. Of course, the simplest way for the Web page designer to do that is to simply list the sites by name. However with hundreds of sites, finding the best site for a day of diving would be a challenge.

This could be improved by creating a map and listing the sites in manageable sized areas by some sort of rating system. However, no matter how the map is divided, those visiting the border between divisions of the map will have to search at least twice for the best site.

Then there is the rating scale. The best location for a fun weekend with the family would probably be a bore for serious cave divers looking for a challenge. Some places might be perfect for beginners while others may require more skill. Some like to have all the amenities nearby, while others don't mind being away from the crowds if it means that the diving is better.

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